Potential workarounds for blog design...I think. Thoughts?

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As many people know, Shopify's blogging capabilities are lackluster to put it mildly. If you want to create a nice-looking, on-brand blog, you have to know how to code and/or buy an app (which can slow your site down, despite what their marketing pages say). 


Thought one:
I'm curious if anyone has had success simply creating a new page called "Blog" or whatever your title to list all of your blog posts, and then you create a new page for each blog post but use the different components that can be stylized much easier. However, one of the problems is content management becomes unwieldy.

Thought two:
Use a low-/no-code tool like Wappler to style your blog, and then just copy the CSS it generates for styling for each post. I use the Flex theme from out of the sandbox, and it allows custom CSS. 


This is based on a rudimentary understanding of all the technical aspects of how things work, but wanted to see what others though because Shopify's blog capabilities are frustrating.

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