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Hello, when a customer lands on a product page, the first size variant is pre-selected. I do not want any sizes to be pre-selected. I just want the customer to land on the product page and choose their own size.


This is the code associated with the pre-selected size in the Chrome Developer

<input id="swatch-detail-47134154686760-2-1" data-variantid="47134154686760" type="radio" name="option-globo-1" value="35" checked="">

when I remove it, the problem is solved. I can't find the code in the liquid file. I am using the Bullet theme, but also the Globo app for product variants. So, if I can find the above code in the liquid file and remove it, all will be solved. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.



PW: reishi

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Have you reached out to the Globo team to see if they can assist with this? In our experience, Swatch apps take over the product variant settings within their app itself. This may be a simple on/off toggle.

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