Prestige Theme 2024 - Footer Menu Collapse / Drop down menu.

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Hello Everyone one, 

Could anyone assist me in implementing a dropdown menu or collapsible accordion similar to the one described at How to Add an Accordion to Your Shopify Footer, which is tailored for the Dawn theme, but for the Prestige theme instead?

Theme like here : 

Thank's a lot everyone, 


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Hey, Have you tried using the demo code you find . The code worked on my dawn theme. And I think may be work on prestige theme too.

Maybe I can help you to add this Footer Menu collapse.

Feel free to reach out.

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!
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Hey Sonya,

Indeed, I've given it a try, but it seems the div elements don't quite match up with what I need, which is likely why it isn't working.

If you're able to assist, I would greatly appreciate it!

Best regards,