Prestige theme: enable hover on collection images on mobile

Prestige theme: enable hover on collection images on mobile

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I am currently working on a site and would like to enable hover image (collection page/home page with collection carrousel) on mobile on the prestige theme.

It already works on desktop.


The site is pw: jimin


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Hi @ContainsStudio,

Just to confirm do you mean for these products below?  


A lot of websites and themes do work differently based on which device they are being looked at from and I think this is the case for Prestige. Because there is no mouse of sorts on mobile and it's touch only, this feature wouldn't work the same on mobile as on a computer. I also use Prestige for my store and see some small differences like this. It could be worth reaching out to the developers of Prestige, Maestrooo and asking them directly as they would know best since they wrote and created it. You can contact Maestrooo directly on their website for support here

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If you still want to display hover image on prestige theme, I have a solution, I have fix this version 10 or above.. You need to play with your css, refer theme.css in your asset folder 


remove this code from your css file  and it should work for you.  Please take a backup before you do this.. or contact me shopify expert or

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