PRESTIGE Theme / Metafields on product page

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Hello, i have just startet with Shopify and got the first Problem.


I want to add specific collapsible text for each product. I found out, that when i add a collapsible text in the product templete, there is the same text on each product page. I want to use the collapsible text for ingredient declarations, instructions, etc. - so there has to be a specific text for each product.


Now i got to "Metafields". I´ve managed to create Product metafields 


Screenshot 2024-02-03 170147.png

And used them in my Products


Screenshot 2024-02-03 170238.png

Now they should appear on the product page or not? I used "Connect dynamic source" in the content of the "collapsible text" block.


On the sidebar it appears, but not on the product page itself


Screenshot 2024-02-03 170010.png

I am sorry it´s in german, hope somebody can help me.


Thank you!!

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