Prestige Theme - Multiple Variant Images

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Hello Shopify Gurus,


I am building my website and I am using the "Prestige" theme.  

I have different textile products in different colors (I added colors as variants). I would like my product page to show only the selected colored products, instead of showing products of all colors. When I open the product page, it should also only show one color, instead of all. 

I have found the following video that is dealing with the same problem and providing a solution. However, it seems my code is different (e.g. I have json files instead of liquid files mentioned in the video):


Could you please help me with that?

Kind Regards,


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Hi @andauser 

Usually the easier solution would be to use an app for that, it just works out of the box and makes uploading images easier as they are delimited by assigned images. Something akin to that: Variant Image Automator | Shopify App Store


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