Prestige Theme: Version 9.0 trying to update to 9.1 running into issues with Color Scheme

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I am trying to update my store to the latest Prestige update but am running into the following issue.

Instead of previewing my color schemes like in other/ previous versions, I am getting the following message:


To preview your changes, color schemes must be defined in settings_data and settings_schema files


Can someone please advise if this is a bug or where I can check this so that it actually shows my previous schemes?


Thank you for all your help! 


The second issue I am running with is in the variant picker, color swatches- I don't want to show the color swatches but the box with the name. Even though I am picking this from our Theme options, it is not translating into the change. I still see the color swatch (where we can't really see the white) and I don't know what to do!

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Can you share your store url

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I have the same issue, did you find a fix?

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I am having the same issue. If someone finds a fix please post!