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I want to add "/ Pair" after the price on the featured collections on the front page. I found a post here that answers the other part of my question but not for the collections widget on the front page. I've tried inserting the text after the liquid code but it doesn't let me do it. 

This is the code "<div class="card__price">{{ 1999 | money }}</div>" and I can't add anything to that line. 

I just need to know why when I add any text to the card info it doesn't show up. I'm going to assume there is some JS running that is keeping the text from showing but I'm not quite sure.


Thank you


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Hi there,
Jack from OpenThinking here!

Shopify has a "Unit price" options, but it's only available if your store is located in Germany or France (because these countries require eCom to display this info to the customer). With this option you can set what you need directly in the backend for the products you need without having to "hardcode" it. New themes must support this function out of the box, but for older themes it wasn't mandatory perhaps that's why your theme doesn't have this option. 

Here's a quick way to activate the option if your store is eligible (keep in mind that this option isn't visible if your site isn't in FR or DE):

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All products.

  2. Click the name of the product that you want to change.

  3. Click the variant you want to update.

  4. Under Pricing, select Show unit price for this product.

  5. In the Total measurement of product field, enter in the number of units your product has.

  6. Use the Select unit dropdown menu to select the variant's unit of measurement. The type of unit you display is different depending on the type of product you are selling. For example, if the product is 2 litres of soap, then select litres.

  7. In the Unit price field, enter the product's price per unit.

  8. Optional: Input a number for the base unit. For example, for a product weighing 1 kg, you might select a base unit of 100 g.

  9. Click Save.

After that you'll need to 1) update your theme to the latest version or 2) implement the code yourself. 

In your theme file (it varies from theme to theme) use the following code to display your "measurement reference value":


{% if variant.unit_price_measurement %}
  {{ variant.unit_price | money }}

  {% if variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_value != 1 %}
    {{ variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_value }}
  {% endif %}

  {{ variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_unit }}
{% endif %}


here's a more detailed guide for France and Germany on how to implement it.

let me know if this works for your. If yes; accept my answer and give me thumbs up! Thank you.

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