Prices not aligned on same line on the collection/ product grid

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Hey all,


I am having some issues with my price alignment. The prices are not aligned on the same level (see screenshot). I would like them all (across all products) to be aligned on the same level, so that not some prices are displayed a bit upwards and some are more down. It doesn't look good. It's both on mobile and desktop (but on mobile it looks even worse).


Anyone can help with this? Thanks!


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Hello There,

Please share your store URL and password.
So that I will check and let you know the exact solution here.

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Hey there!


I sent you a private message with the details, thanks 🙂 

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Hi @sunwalker_ ,

Your prices are showing an error because the theme is formatting money incorrectly (they still display correctly in the cart drawer).

view - 2024-01-29T110332.988.png

The prices in the product card, product page, and decimal prices are being displayed in the sup card, so the prices are not aligned in the same row.

view - 2024-01-29T110404.299.png

=> It could be due to a customization setup or because your theme is having money formatting problems. Editing with CSS may not be possible in this situation

You can fix it by going to customize or edit code in Shopify admin. However, to edit the code you will need to understand a bit about the code, if it is too difficult you may need a Shopify expert.

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