Prices not displaying

Prices not displaying

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On my shopify store, previously I had no prices displayed and instead of the buy now options I had set up a custom liquid that would redirect clients asking for a product to my WhatsApp contact.

Today I added prices to my shopify products, I went to the theme customization and added the price block, yet it isn't displaying any prices. 

-I have already tired to add the coding to the base css file as prompted in this;
Shopify forum answer for base css file editing  but it didn't work.

-The prices are not being displayed on the collection page, and the individual product cards as well.

-When I add products to the cart, even at the cart no price is being displayed of the selected articles.

Kindly guide me on how I can fix this issue.

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Update: FIXED

I went to the store details, over there I scrolled down to 'Store Currency' over there I had a code which would not display the prices, I removed the code and the prices were being displayed.