Prices not visible with translated language

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Hi there

We have an issue with our EU Store:

If we switch the language all Prices (except in shopping cart) dissapear. We think its an issue of the theme (Impact) because of this tow things:


1. We have a Shop for Switzerland with the same Theme and Setup. But there is no problem

2. In the cart are prices are visible


I can't find the error and we have to go live with the shop. Maybe it's an error while duplicating the store. We made an export and import. Hopefully it's only a small issue with the design.


We are grateful for any help. Also paid.


Thank you!

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Are you want to this?



if your answer is yes than apply this code above </body> in theme.liquid


online store >> edit code >> theme.liquid



.product-card__info .sr-only{

       position: unset!important;



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Hi there. Thank you very much! The normal price without offer would be great. Or is there any reason why there is the word "offer" before the price?