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Problem with changing the button border color (Dawn 11)

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Hello, everyone!

I'm currently using the Dawn 11.0.0 theme for my website, and I've come across a persistent issue: the button border color remains black regardless of my attempts to change it using custom CSS or the theme settings.


I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving this problem!


Link: Custom Watercolor Cat Portrait – DRAWandCARE






It doesn't even change when I try to round the button:


Безfeasc имени-1.png


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The border color of the button will change when changing the Solid button background color for solid buttons or changing the Outline button color for outline buttons in Color scheme.


You can take steps as follows:


1. Go to Online store -> Themes -> Customize


view - 2023-10-31T171656.373.png

2. Switch to Product page


view - 2023-10-31T171739.908.pngview - 2023-10-31T171745.492.png


3. Select Rich text -> in the Color scheme section, you should create a color scheme specifically for the button or change to another color scheme, then select Edit


view - 2023-10-31T172120.575.png


4. Change the color of Solid button background for solid buttons and Outline button for outline buttons


view - 2023-10-31T172234.685.png

 5. The background color of the solid button and the text color of the outline button will change according to the colors above. You can custom CSS to change the background color and text color.


view - 2023-10-31T172340.444.png

6.  Click Save

view - 2023-10-31T172456.641.png



view - 2023-10-31T172536.656.png


I hope it helps @DRAWandCARE !

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