Problem with Compare at/Sale price in Refresh Theme, not showing no matter what I try.

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I have a problem with the compare price/sale price showing on my website for any product whatsoever.

I think the problem may be in the code but I don't know where to look and how to fix it.


My website:


I have tried most solutions that I found on the internet including placing the old price first and then the new one or trying only for one variant of one product but nothing seems to work. I have tried it on many products without any results. 


If someone had the same issue or knows how to fix it I would appreciate it.


Thank you.

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Hi Brueri, looking at your site, it seems you figured it out! What was the solution?

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had the same issue. Check that  the currency is set to default. Ex. USD - US or USD- AUS, instead of USD - [country]