PROBLEM with images between shopify and instagram

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Hi, I'm working with shopify and instagram here: and IT @Victoria.aranyo


I connect the shop and everything works fine but the images in instagram appears in this way: IMAGE1. (with a white background inside them)



I tried to change the fill content image configuration from instagram but doesn't do anything because the source of the image from shopify its already cropped to 1:1 with a solid white background. As you can see here or in IMAGE 2:



My original image doesn't have that background and I want to see the product images in instagram shop in a normal way, content fill the square, not with solid white background.


Do you know a way to solve that?

I tried to change the images directly from instagram but when shopify and IT sincrhonize again, appears wrong again. Maybe theres a way to sinchronize just the information but not the images?


I dont know how to solve that,


Thank you.

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I am having the same issue, did you ever find a solution?