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Problems understanding the JSON changes as HTML/CSS Designer

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Hey all,

I am in the process of upgrading my "Prestige" theme to 2.0. We chose Prestige because we love the product display, cart, and collection display, but over the years our front page has shifted to being 95% HTML/CSS/JS that I wrote and so have most side pages and collection pages. What I've done until now was build the HTML around the {{ content_for_index }} and used the index content to feature a single collection, because I like the ability for the collection to update the products instantly once the collection is updated. I've also created multiple custom collection pages to fit the needs of our design direction. My question is simple: 

The new structure is such that the index is no longer liquid, but JSON. Is there a way that I can continue to write in the theme editor directly in HTML/CSS/JS so that I can achieve a more customized design result without being forced to use the theme sections? I know there is a "custom HTML" section in the theme, but that inserts the HTML into the theme containers and it isn't really possible to change that without messing up the look of the entire site. I also can't do things like canvas, and even if none of this was a problem the "custom HTML" section editor is basically just notepad without any markup, and I would have to use an outside program to structure it first. 


Anyone have any suggestions or know a workaround?



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