Product Admin recent changes . . Can SEARCH bar be permanently expanded again?

Product Admin recent changes . . Can SEARCH bar be permanently expanded again?

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Not sure why new updates have been made to the Product Admin page as previous ones were working fine by us.


However, we use the search bar 99.9% of the time.  it is the fastest, easiest way to get to what we need to review/change products.  I appreciate all the drop downs, but it just means clicking 3-4-5-6 times to filter what you need.  If the vendor drop-down was dynamic, it would be worth using, but having to scroll through hundreds of vendors to get to the ones starting with 'W'.  Too cumbersome


90% of the time, we are adding/updating a product or a group of products by a vendor and just begin entering either the vendor or the product in search as it dynamically shows results as you type.

This is very valuable. 

Now we have to go and open the search bar just to access it. 


Am asking if the search bar can be permanently open and ready for use as it was before. 

Maybe it looks cleaner, but function counts much more than style on editing/adding products.




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I agree with this request. The recent change to hiding the search bar is an inconvenience, not a benefit. How can we make these search bars permanently visible again? 

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I totally agree, hiding the search bar is the dumbest idea they had lately. And it’s quite a concern to realize they either don’t try to view things from their customer perspective and workflow, or just don’t understand. Moreover when they are “powering” our shops. It’s completely counterproductive! 

Worse than when they modified the look of the real time map, which was useless, to finally also remove the live counter of people with items in their carts, checking out and sale finalized.

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Just chiming in to register the exact same complaint. It worked fine before and now it requires more clicks and typing. It doesn't appear to have added anything worthwhile in the process.

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Have we really been enduring this for a year now? Clicking "F" all the time? Relying on code to pop it open for us? and now they throw a "in:All" in the search bar that I can't click on??? What the?