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Hi all!


We are currently using the Prestige theme and on desktop we have the function to let customers hover over the product card so they can see the second image. 


This is sadly not working on mobile. I have seen some posts on here with coding that I could add, but this didn't work for the Prestige theme sadly. Is there someone who can maybe help us figure this out? We would love for our customers to be able to hover over the product card on mobile. 


Our store url is:

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I don't understand, how do you physically hover on a mobile?

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Hi there @sebashobo 


Hovering on mobile is not possible I guess, but we can add slider option in mobile to change the image in mobile so the user able to swipe the images in the mobile.


try this website and see if this is something similar you need



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Hi @sebashobo 

Touching the product card image for a while will achieve a hover effect like Desktop on Mobile. I can add this functionality to the Prestige theme.

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Do you maybe have an example of how this looks like/works? 

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Hey! If you want your visitors to be able to swipe through your products (or variants) like Tinder, we've just launched an app for that:


Happy to answer any questions you might have!