Product Color Swatch Image Not Showing up in Beyond Theme

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Having some issues with a product color (camo) that falls outside of the normal color swatch provided in beyond theme. I've uploaded the camo print I want to use to both files and assets as a .png and added the necessary text to the color swatch configuration in the theme settings. When I click save in the editor the camo color/image shows up correctly (second screenshot), however when I check my site outside of the editor both camo and black show up as black (first screenshot), meaning the camo isn't displayed correctly. Screen shots below of how it is displayed in the editor and how it's displayed outside the editor. Website is


Any help is much appreciated. 




Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 4.19.04 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-19 at 4.18.52 PM.png

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