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I have text formatting in the product description. It parses perfectly in the WYSIWYG, however, the live site is ignoring the HTML.


Here is the HTML, it's so basic.


These adorable gold tone charm are made from zinc alloy metal and are lead and nickel free. They're perfect for crafting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, key chains and more! <br><br> ♥ Antique Gold Tone Compass Charms<br> ♥ Material: Zinc Alloy Metal <br>♥ Size: 19mm x 15mm <br> ♥ Includes: 2 pieces <br><br>We ship from North Carolina via USPS with tracking included. Tracking is included with all orders. <br><br>Get free shipping on orders over $35! Don't forget to favorite us too, we add items daily. <br><br>Thank you... craft on.

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Hey @susieanne,

Did you click on the "Show HTML" button and then type the HTML?




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Yes, I've even attempted to use <p> tags with no success.