Product Images and Variants

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Using the Archetype theme "Impulse".

Example product:

I have 3 images linked to this product... it has 2 size options, a 4oz and a 16oz.

1 of the images is the "main image" it has both sizes in in and is the picture that shows in collections and such, however, when you click on the product it shows the 4oz by default (it is the first selected option).

How do I get it to show the main image first? Or, alternatively, make it where the customer has to make a selection instead of already having one auto-selected?
I want this to be site wide, not just on this product.

Hope all this makes sense, let me know if I can reiterate or if you need more info/have questions!

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I have the same issue, as it seems there's nowhere a topic where anyone talks about it. How did you manage it?