Product Images disappear after selecting the other variant image

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I have just created two Metafields for testing on color or size variant changes. 

I used this URL below to add the MetaFields.


But now when I select a certain size of the product. The second image of the product would disappear. It wouldn't show back up until I refresh the page. 
If I select the image in the Thumbnail carousel, the image will replace the current image shown. (as the larger image as normal) But it will also remove the other colored vacation of the image with the one I selected. Which would cause me not to be able to select the original image that was shown. 

This is all in the preview for testing. 

Hopefully the images help with explaining what is going on. 


Before selections are made.pngAfter selecting a size.pngAfter selecting tumbnail image.png


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Hi @Maddenny ,


Can you please share the preview URL of the store so that I can assist you on?


Thank you

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