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Hello Shopify Community! 

I was wondering if it was possible to implement my product images to look like this? 


I want it to display a gallery-like look so the user can scroll instead of clicking the individual images. 
For a better reference, here is the website I like: 

We are currently utilizing the motion theme. 

Is there any way we can do this via app or in-theme? 

Thanks in advance!! 

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Hi, @PrinceProudfoot.

Thanks for your message, I would be happy to offer you a suggestion for this. This is a cool idea, my recommendation would lean more towards utilizing a theme where this function is already accessible. For example, our new Dawn theme shows product photos in a gallery-like style. You can check out an example of this on our preview store for Dawn here if you wanted to take a closer look, just click any of the products to see what I mean.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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