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I'm looking for a way to make my Dawn product page have 3 columns, left with the image, middle with the description and product details, and then the product details purchase button price and quantity box on the right.





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hi, @-Charlo-007 
In dawn theme main-product.liquid fine the closing tag of  </product-info>
after that add the div and CSS in your base.css file.


.product__info-wrapper_carditem {
    max-width: 40%;
    width: calc(40% - var(--grid-desktop-horizontal-spacing) / 2);

<div class="product__info-wrapper_carditem">

  add to card

It will made the card like this. Adjsut your other two div class also for that. 
adjust the CSS from section-main-product.css line 61 your width or other.

Hope it will help you to sovle.


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