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Hi there,


"You may also like" section is not showing on the product page, even though I activated "product recommendation feature" under Customize Theme -> Product Page.


I am using Canopy theme. 


Any advise will be much appreciated

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To get more help with this specific theme please contact the theme support at Clean Canvas / Canopy -

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This is what it says on the Clean Canvas/Canopy help page:


" The product recommendation logic is not determined by the theme, but by the Shopify platform and is compiled over time. It is not something we have control over, but don’t worry, it eventually will start to, it can take time

You can find more information by clicking this link

If you wish to not display this you will head into the theme customizer and select any product, on the left side you will see the section “Product Recommendations” click on it to open it and an option to disable it will be displayed there or if you see an eye icon, uncheck that to hide it.

You would also get the same results in a free Shopify theme. You can talk with Shopify’s support team if you want more information about this, but it’s not possible for us to control which products show up here. "

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Hi @EazzyWalls,

The criteria that the algorithm uses depends on a merchant's online store, as well as their plan, however there are the following criteria in general:

  • Purchase history - Finds products that have historically been purchased together.
  • Product description - Finds products with similar descriptions.
  • Related collections - Finds products from collections that the current products is part of, excluding collections with handles all and frontpage.


So as long as you set up more than one collection, it will display products at "Product Recommendations".

Hope it is clear to you.

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Please share your store URL!


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