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Would anyone be interested in helping me add customer reviews to my debut home page?  Currently reviews are only listed with products but I'd like them to also display on the home page just above the footer.


This is an accepted solution.

Hello  MarkZalme,
Firstly on which theme you are using for your store ?

> for review section on home page ,  you're likely to have to use shopify liquid code to first.

> pull the products you want to feature, then, you can link {% section 'shopify-reviews' %} to the index file!

> Another option would be to create a section for the homepage site using the liquid code and able to move it around your page as any other section.

> Also you can refer this link it has useful tips how to add review section on home page, 

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If anything is missed out or unclear then don't hesitate to ask
Thank You!

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Thanks!  That worked for me.


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Hey, you can easily do it with the product review app called Videowise. No code required.

Also, gone are the days of adding text reviews on your product page. Brands now prefer video reviews more than text or ratings. The reason? 33% of people prefer to learn about products by watching a video. So why not give your customers what they want?

Most of the shoppers talk about the product they purchased on Instagram, especially in the stories. And you can make use of this piece of content and add them to your product page. It increases the authenticity of your products and also clears a lot of doubts a new customer might have before purchasing your products. You can put apps like Videowise to do all the legwork for you. It simply fetches all the reviews from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok and asks you to select the ones you would like to add to your product page.

I have been using it for a month now and my sales are just started getting better. Also, I don’t use text reviews anymore. Product review videos are just doing exceptionally well on my store.