Product thumbnail image row length. More than three?

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    _initThumbnailSlider: function() {
      var options = {
        slidesToShow: 3,
        slidesToScroll: 3,
        infinite: false,
        prevArrow: '.thumbnails-slider__prev--' + this.settings.sectionId,
        nextArrow: '.thumbnails-slider__next--' + this.settings.sectionId,
        responsive: [
            breakpoint: 321,
            settings: {
              slidesToShow: 3

Hello all!


Been trying to get the thumbnails to display under our products in a row. Got the DIV in the right place but for some reason it's displaying only three images wide. I presume this is something to do with the theme.JS? I've found the code above and tried to adjust slidesToShow and SlideToScroll but this hasn't worked :( 


The image slider also dissappears when we move to mobile view... 


Any help appreciated!



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Harry, it does look like relevant code, but I would recommend to share a preview link to your theme, or a storefront (not admin!) password. 

One needs to see the HTML structure and CSS rules to help you.

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Hi Tim,


Great thank you! I've emaileed it to you as didn't want to send it publicly. Thank you!