Product Thumbnail Images Not Displaying on Mobile View

Product Thumbnail Images Not Displaying on Mobile View

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Hello Shopify Community,

I am encountering an issue with my Shopify store, and I hope someone here can help me resolve it. Specifically, the product thumbnail images are not showing up when viewed on mobile devices. They display perfectly on the desktop version of the site, but on mobile, the thumbnails are either missing or fail to load.

I have made some customizations to the theme code, particularly in the CSS and JavaScript files. To troubleshoot, I have tried clearing the cache and checking the image URLs to ensure they are correct. However, the problem persists. I have tested this issue on multiple mobile devices, including both iOS and Android, and the thumbnails do not display on any of them. Here is a link to my store:

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Hi @Oliver_owens 

I checked my iPhone using both Chrome and Safari, and everything worked well.

Maybe you need to check if there is any issue with your internet connection. 

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Hi Oliver

I'm having the same issue on one of my sites but its affecting IOS only - are you able to share what was causing your problem?