product thumbnail on collection pages are not aligned in a row

product thumbnail on collection pages are not aligned in a row

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my website is and i am using the dawn theme. The collection pages you will observe that the items are not aligned in a row and i am doubting what is causing it? 

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The issue is that you're using product images that are not the same size when you upload them to Shopify. 


You have three options for fixing this: 


1 - Edit all of your product images so that they're all the same size, before uploading them to Shopify. (Ex. if one product image is 400x400 px, then you should make all of your other product images 400x400 px). 


2 - Use the Photo Resize app ( to automatically make all of your images square. The exception to the rule I've outlined above (option/solution #1) is if all of your product images are the same aspect ratio. So for example, you can have one image be 400x400, and then another be 600x600, as they're both perfectly square (ie. 1:1 aspect ratio) ... but you don't want to have some product images being 400x400 and then others being 400x300 ... that's how you'll end up with misaligned collection pages. The photo resize app will handle this automatically for you, and only charge you a couple bucks to do it (~$0.05 USD per image). You can delete the app after it's finished editing all of your product images, if you don't want to pay the monthly fee every month. 


3 - Hire a custom coder ( to change the way your collection pages work with your theme. 

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