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Hi there everyone, whenever i select a product on shopify, the first variant of the product automatically gets selected, this isn't too big of a deal but the problem is that the image that is assigned to the variant also shows.  This means whenever I click on a product rather than the main image showing one of the less relevant variant images shows instead.

Is there a way for me to keep the images the same and possible when the product is clicked on it just says something like "select"?


My website is:

If anyone wants to check a product and see the problem, thanks!





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Hi @blitzice 


I don't understand your demand... You have to explain better if you want an answer 🙂

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Sorry I'll try to explain

When you are browsing the product page, there is the image you see

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.36.40 pm.png

However when you click onto the product, the one I clicked on was the Blitzeria Iced Out Cuban Chain, you get this image.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.37.40 pm.png

The variant is also selected already as Gold 16 inch. Is there a way for me to not have anything selected and for the photo from earlier shown when clicked on the product?