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Product video Dawn theme help

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Hi, I need help on fixing the format of my product videos. It doesnt seem like its a format issue though, more like video conversion compatibility. I've uploaded my files both in .MOV & mp4. With MOV, the video size doesn't upload to the same size as my photos, as shown in the picture below. But when I do upload it as an mp4, the video size looks fine.


The problem is I shoot my product videos from my phone and it seems like all the videos that are shot an iphone is mov. I don't want to go back and forth converting all my product videos to mp4.


If anyone has a solution on how to fix this, please reply asap. I'm trying to launch my store soon. Ive tried contacting shopify support and they told me to seek help here. Thanks in advance.

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@Popcorn  Can you share your store URL?


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Store url:

Password: bahcri