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My store has products that each have multiple videos on their product page. On desktop, when I click the second product video, the video starts playing immediately. However, on mobile, when I swipe to go to the next product video, it just shows a static image of the video (pictured below). Basically, I was hoping that when I swipe to the next video, the video would start playing automatically. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It just shows a static frame, there is no video playingIt just shows a static frame, there is no video playing

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If there is audio that can be one reason , it's such a massive user annoyance to autoplay video /w audio that unmuted autoplay will not work in most modern mobile browsers. 

To have autoplay video elements need to have the muted attribute added.


There's also a deferred poster overlay system for non-image media that may need to be disabled or worked around as the media is not actually loaded until after a user interaction with the poster overlay .


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On Safari browser, many customers turn on the Low Power Mode on their phones, this is the reason the HTML videos do not automatically play on mobile devices.
This is the same with the Vimeo element, when the customers turn on the Lower Power Mode on their phones, Vimeo videos will not play automatically as well.

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Hi @CozyCampfire 👋

Most modern mobile browsers do not support video autoplay as mobile devices are limited by battery and network bandwidth.


This includes Android, iOS, phones and tablets. On the desktop, the video can autoplay if the audio is off.


Hope that helps!

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