Products available ONLY to certain countries???

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Hi there.

I am currently trying to figure out how to go about this.

I have a product, which is prepared daily and shipped out on drop shipping methods, but I face a problem:

I have two suppliers, one in the U.S, on in Australia. Both also ONLY ship nationally. 

Now, I want to use both. How do I make my store behave in a way that ONLY shows Australian products to Australian customers, and ONLY shows U.S products to U.S customers. 

Basically, I want to import products from both suppliers into the one brand, and have products not available to be hidden from certain customers.

What I imagine for this would be maybe a country selector when you first visit the site(and remembers your choice for future visits) and from your selection, it hides products you can't buy anyway. (If you select Australia, all U.S products disappear, and vice versa)

Is this solved with an extension/app? Or do I have to hire someone to code the site manually?

Thanks in advance!


PS, I know: Having the products available to all would be preferable but that costs extra through our suppliers, which we can't afford right now so this is how we have to start. We want to tap into both the U.S and Australian markets but cannot find a supplier that can do that, offers a cheap enough product price for our customers, that's also up to our standards (we've been quite picky with suppliers)

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Hi! Have you maybe found out what would be the best solution for this? I am wondering exactly the same thing and I still haven't found acceptable solution.

Thank you 

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You should be able to create a shipping profile with a specific warehouse and shipping to specific countries.