Questions on integrating a Scheduling app such as Calendly

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If you're looking to integrate Calendly into Shopify, there's a how-to below that I found online. I haven't tried it out myself, but it looks pretty straight-forward.

I'm a service-based business wanting to sell private sessions and classes on my Shopify site. I've read some threads here about booking and calendar apps and my head is swimming a bit. Some of the suggestions I've come across are crazy expensive, such as one platform is $119/month! In any case, I'm not thrilled with the few options that are natively integrated into the Shopify platform, unless someone can convince me it's worth the money (NOT $119/month, that's over my budget by a mile).

I recently scheduled a personal appointment via the practitioner's Calendly page and I like the clean and simple look of Calendly, plus their pricing structure is more of my cup of tea. The free account basically does everything I'd want except for SMS text appt reminders and even their top-level Pro account is only $12/month.

HOW TO: So I found a post on Calendly's website on how to integrate a Calendly calender onto a Shopify store. The post says that using Zapier integrations (a 3rd-party tool that would then cost an additional $0 to $19/month) is one way to do so. They also linked a video that shows how to put a Calendy calender onto a Shopify site - without going through Zapier.

The problem is what the video shows is it puts the Calendly directly onto the home page of your Shopify site. I don't want that. I want clients to choose a Product (say "Online Bodywork Session") and then a pop-up will show up with the Calendly for them to schedule. I want this to all be done within the Shopify site and not kick them off to a third-party website like Calendly.

For my private sessions, I won't require they pay at the time of booking, but I might change my mind on that later. For classes, I definitely want them to pay at the time of booking as I don't want to be chasing everyone down to make sure they've paid. Can I have them schedule via Calendly, then pay on my Shopify site.

Is this possible? Is it just some simple coding? Or would I be better off on a different scheduling platform?

Thank you.

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Hey there, just wondering how you got on with this one? 

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Hiya, you might have found a solution by now but I added an app called Appointly to my store that has been good so far and might work for you.


You add the different appointments as products - for me I have different types of appointments as variants under one product as I am not an appointment-based business, it's just an added extra - and it replaces the 'add to cart' button with a 'schedule' button. This pops up as a calendar, customer selects appointment and then adds to cart. At this point they can continue shopping and adding appointments until they are ready to pay in the regular way.


You can add a lot of customisations like removing the Appointly branding and changing the colour. Adding more products and team members comes at a small cost but I was just using the free version.