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I am currently on Craft version 13 and I am looking to have an modification made. I want to give my customers the option to choose more than one item and once a certain amount is chosen add it to cart as a bundle. Example, I have 5 items they look through and decide they want one red and one blue instead of add to cart, they would go under the photo and choose 1 and 1 once that is done an add to cart function would appear.




this website is my idea example


Any help or code would be so so appreciated


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There are many apps that can do this, it will depend on your specific needs, but here are some options:

-Appstle Subscriptions Build-A-Box Feature Works Exactly As You Describe



Example Store: https://chantaelnatural.com/apps/subscriptions/bb/wxhxlw4s


-Another Product Bundle App, This One Is Popular



Hope that helps! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help implementing this feature in your store.


Don't hesitate to reach out for more help with your store.
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Thanks so much I implemented it. I just have a design question if you
wouldn't mind helping? This is how it currently looks. Attached. Is there a
way to make it more aesthetically pleasing?

Or to have it match my other products?

I'm on the craft theme version 13. So how they have their products laid out
is the same as mine. Any help would be so appreciated. Truly

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Hi @snich002 ,


Yes, this can be done with the help of custom code.


we will create a setting to set the maximum product count and it will work exactly how its working.


We will code this at template level so that you don’t loose the default behaviour of collection page.


let’s me know if you have more questions?



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