"Online Store Editor Session Can't Be Published" Message

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Good morning!


Tried to implement the piece of custom code in the online theme editor but it keeps saying "Online Store editor session can't be published" every time I tried to save the theme.


I already tried:

- using different browser

- using incognito mode

- using different device

- tried on the older themes

- cleared cache, history etc.

- deleted all the sections from the template in the online editor 

- searched 10+ threads here in the community


Code that I am adding:


button[data-add-to-cart]:after {
content: "Buy Similar";
display: block;
button[data-add-to-cart] > span {
display: none;


I need to change the wording "Add to cart" on one of the product templates - we are a flower shop and need it to say "Buy Similar" for certain seasonal products



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