"Re-Enter Your Email" to confirm on Customer Registration Page - Dawn Theme

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Hello! I'd like to add a "Re-enter your email address" field to my Customer Registration page. This would have people enter their email address twice, and then check that the addresses match before letting them submit.


Nearly all of my customers are on mobile phones, where it's far too easy to mistype an email address.

Without any sort of confirmation built into the Dawn theme registration page, I regularly have customers mistype their email when creating their account and then have to contact me for a manual fix because they cannot get back in.

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Sorry. I submitted the question too quickly!

I want to edit the code for main-register.liquid to add this feature.


Does anyone have something already that works?

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Hey @ADKitchen!

I am not sure exactly how, but this would probably be possible by adding some custom code to your theme files for the registration page.

Alternatively, you could also accomplish this without any code using an app such as Helium Customer Fields. With our app, you could create and install a custom registration form, including the ability to add a field for email confirmation.

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