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Reduce height of a section

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Can anyone tell me how to reduce the height of the 'image with text' section on this page here. Where it says 'A World First'. I want to reduce the height of that section to lose some of the white space around it. I have already set the padding to 0. 


I'd like to reduce the white space in the red box. 




Thank you!

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Every theme has different code so I can shere you a solution that you can try it 


Actually you have to reduce Padding in image with text section if the theme already provid that option in the Customization area so its good but if it's not then you have to go to the 

Theme- then click on the edit code then find section option after that find image with text related section open it and then find padding you can see the default size of the Padding Now you have to adjust it. If you can't find the option then copy the whole code and paste in notebook then copy the code and open chatgpt and tell him to reduce the padding now past all the code again and you can good to go 


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Hello @april26 ,

I understand you are looking to reduce the padding of the 'A World First' section on your Home Page.

Please add the below-mentioned code at the bottom of the theme.liquid file before </body> tag

<style> {
padding: 0 !important;


After applying the code output will be like this ->

I hope the code helps you.

Please share if you have any queries.

Thank you.

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