Reference a list of entries (images) within a metaobject entry, display images as gallery

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Hey there,


Currently I have a single page template for used individual team members.  The single template is using dynamic content taken from metaobject entries with each team members page referencing their respective entry (1 metaobject, multiple entries for each team member).  Within the metaobjects fields, I would like to use the Files > multiple entries/list so that I can simply drag a batch of images there.  Then at the bottom of their page template, I'd like to display all of those images as a gallery.  


Some team members may have 5 images, some may have 25.  I don't want to manually select each image, or create 25 different single image fields in the metaobject. 


How can I display a list of image entries within the template dynamically, specific to that page or metaobject entry?  Not all entries within an object, but all entries within a field, within an object... 

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