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Reference a specific featured collection title

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Hello all. im trying to write code in order for me to underline a featured section header on the front of my home page. i have sourced code from another question asked by a memeber of shopify. the problem is that when i aplly the code it changes and underlines all the featured section headers on my homepage , this is a problem because i only want to apply this code for one of my featured section header titles , not all of them. so for example i want to underline the section header title "Trending this week" , and when i insert this code below it automatically applies the code to all of my other section headers on my home page. so my other sections on my home page are called "gifts by price"  and the other i left blank "featured collection". i dont want to aplply the code to all my section headers , just the 'trending this week" one. is there some way of referincing a specific featured section header title ? like by its unique ID number? ive linked the original script that i copied and 2 photos of the different sections . one photo is the heading that i want to apply the code to and the other photo is of the other headings that the code has been applied to but i dont want the code to be applied to them. thanks so much



code is:#shopify-section-collection-template h1, #shopify-section-collection-template .h1, #shopify-section-collection-template #shopify-product-reviews .spr-header-title, #shopify-product-reviews #shopify-section-collection-template .spr-header-title {
text-decoration: none;
padding-bottom: 10px; /*if you need more spacing chang the value*/
border-bottom: 2px solid; /*if you need more thin chang the value*/
display: inline-block;



Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 19.07.37.png




One i want the code to be applied to is below:Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 19.07.20.png

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