Refresh Theme - Installing a Wholesale Menu for Specific Clients

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Hi There! Hoping someone may be able to help me! 

I'm building reinstalling a wholesale section to our current website on a new theme, Refresh. Original theme was Debut. 

On the debut theme, we had a Wholesale Menu for selected clients which consisted of a menu with three items - About, Wholesale Products and Contact. The ID class for this menu is "main-menu-wholesale". 

I've followed several online tutorials on how to reinstall the custom menu for our Clients who have been tagged as 'wholesale' clients in the back end but one seem to be working. Mainly as the class fields do not seem to aline with the Refresh theme. 

Below is a sample of the a Code Snippet I have tried that other community members have had success with. 

{% assign menu_handle = 'main-menu' %}
{% if customer %}
{% if customer.tags contains 'wholesale' %}
{% assign menu_handle = 'main-menu-wholesale' %}
{% endif %} {% endif %}
{% include 'site-nav', linklist: menu_handle %}

If possible, has anyone had experience with installing a custom menu on the Refresh theme and if so, do you know how to go about achieving this. 


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Hi @EventWandererCo ,

I'd like to refer you to an app that might just meet your needs: BSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30.

Hope it helps @EventWandererCo 

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