REFRESH THEME - pictures not changing when changing the colour variant

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I am having issues with my website. I want the variant pictures to be specific. for example when the colour black is chosen for it to only show the black shirt and then when the red variant is chosen to only show the red shirt. i have tried to find a solution online but am struggling. please help. 



as shown i the screenshots below. when the black colour is chosen the main picture chnages to black. however, the grey and white are still visible. 


then for screenshot 2 when white colour is chosen the white is the main picture however black and grey are still visible

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The feature you are talking about, that is feature need to hight level about technical.

If you want to implement, you can ask to developer implement that.

You can please Like and Accepted Solution if my suggestion helpful. And if you want to customize or develop new feature on Theme or App => Contact to us via Email or Skype.
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Hi Joseph,


I have seen people add this themselves so don’t think I need a developer. 

The requirement is that when I select black, I only want to see the black tops and when I select ‘white’ I only want to see the white. Right now the main image changes but the below images you can still see the other colours which I dont want. From my googling skills it looks like a what if statement is needed to show and hide the right colours. Would be good to get your thoughts whenever you have a spare minute. 

I have added alt tex I just don’t know where to put this code. 

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Hello, I am facing the same problem... are you able to fix this? Thank you