'Register or login to see price' in a white button with black outline and black text

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Hi there,


I recently added a 'Register or login to see price' line in the product pages of most of the items on my website (see details below)



Details of my website:


password is chonga


In order to achieve that, I added some codes at the beginning and at the end of the price.liquid snippet.

The full instructions I followed are at:




I would like to have the text 'Register or login to see price' in a white button with black outline and black text, like the one that I have on some other pages where I have set the price on request (see link below).





Any suggestions are welcome.


With best




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Hi there @Andrecolap 


Hope you are doing well


You can change the class and type of the existing tag




After changing the tag from <a> to <button> and adding the class="product-form__submit button button--full-width button--primary"


I have selected it that's why it is looking blueish it is black.



If you are unable to implement the same then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can implement the code changes so that this will work well for you.


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