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Related Product Setting - Can I change the default to 'ahead'?

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We have selected some products in the Search & Discovery app to show for certain items.

We want these products to show instead or before of the automated 'recommended products' that Shopify selects.

We did select 'hide auto-generated recommendations' checkbox for that product.

Now NO recommended products show at all.


I read somewhere that we should select 'ahead' as the related products setting, but found no way to do it.


Can anyone shed any light on this??


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Hi, @donnamac !

You use the Shopify Search & Discovery app, which lets you set up related product recommendations based on similar products, products that are often purchased together, or products from within related collections. You can also choose which products to show or hide for each product

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Correct.  But as my question stated, they are not displaying on the product page on our website.


I have tried turning off the 'Hide auto-generated recommendations' on that product, but then no related products show at all.


I read in some documentation that the 'related products setting' can be changed to 'ahead' so if there are Search & Discovery entries, they would display before the auto-generated ones.


If that is true, how do we change this and get it to 'work'?

OR  is there a step I missed in 'activating' the related products entries done in Search & Discovery?