Related Products Issue

Related Products Issue

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My issue is as follows (im using Dawn theme): When I first enter the "products" page for an item, for example: Chrome Hearts x Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers Black / Milk - YP Collective – Young Professionals Col... . The images appear fine at first, but when you scroll to the end of the page, the "related products" load, and then scrolling back up will make the images load in a cluttered way. TIA





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Hello @ypcollective 
i have checked your link. and it's a theme problem.
Your  themeVersion is = "9.0.0"; ( which is outdated)
current themeversion is = "14.0.0"
So, please update your theme , so theme will work well.
If you need help in updating ypur theme, please let me know.

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Thanks, do you mind telling me how I can update my theme correctly (without losing code/data/.....)