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Remove checkout, add a form instead

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On my website, I will be offering bespoke products. I'd like to remove the checkout pages, and instead, have a form that potential customers will have to fill out. Then I'll send an invoice to them through email or pay portal (It would be great if I could keep it within Shopify if possible) 


Is there any way I can do this more effectively with shopify and how can I go about it?



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@Nurdle you can do same like newsletter box like create form which send data to the desire customer.

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Hey @Nurdle 

To create a form-based checkout process for your bespoke products in Shopify, you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove the default Shopify checkout pages: You can disable the Shopify checkout process by using a Shopify Plus plan and enabling the "Customize Checkout" feature. This will allow you to bypass the standard Shopify checkout flow.

  2. Use a form builder app: Install a form builder app from the Shopify App Store that allows you to create custom forms. Some popular options include Form Builder, POWR Form Builder, and Form Builder with File Upload.

  3. Create a custom form: Use the form builder app to create a form that collects the necessary information from your customers, such as product details, customization options, and contact information. Customize the form fields and design to match your branding and requirements.

  4. Integrate with payment options: To send invoices or accept payments within Shopify, you can use payment gateway integrations or invoicing apps. Shopify offers various payment gateway options, including Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and others. Check the available payment options in your region and integrate them with your Shopify store.

  5. Automate email notifications: Configure email notifications to be sent automatically to your customers after they submit the form. You can use email marketing apps or transactional email services like Shopify Email, Klaviyo, or Mailchimp to set up customized email templates for order confirmation, invoice details, and payment instructions.

  6. Manual order management: Once you receive the form submission and send the invoice, you can manually process the order and fulfill it according to your bespoke product offerings. You can use Shopify's order management features to track and manage orders.

By following these steps, you can create a streamlined process for collecting customer information and sending invoices for your bespoke products. While this approach involves some manual steps, it allows you to customize the checkout experience to meet your specific needs.


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Hi @Nurdle ,


This can be achieve by two ways.


1 .

Contact form you can custom code in your theme. 


You can place contact form in your product page, which will store variant id and ask for their contact fields like e-mail or mobile no.


On pressing send that info will sent to your register e-mail ID.


Register e-mail refers to id register in Shopify platform.




Create a custom app which will give you admin panel where all leads will be store to check having same field you want.


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