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Hello all,

I'm sorry, I know this has been asked before, trust me ive spent the last seven hours today scrolling through various websites and your forum each claiming the have the answer. 

I have had enough ... *sigh* so here is my specific problem.

My original problem that I had tried to fix was that I wanted to remove the header, nav and footer from a specific page. 

I have managed so far to remove the header and nav, but for some reason the footer doesn't behave the same way.

I am trying to remove the footer from a specific page.

These are the steps I have taken ...


Created a new template called "page.landing.liquid"

I then input this code at the bottom of it to hide these displays


nav { display:none; }

header { display:none; }

footer { display:none; }


This successfully hid the header and nav, but not the footer. Why is this happening?! Can anyone please help me with a solution?

page in question is here -

Any help appreciated,




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This is an accepted solution.


For the footer you can use the following code:

display: none;


Hope this works.


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@George_SNG - please add this to the end of theme.css file , and this will hide footer on every page


.site-footer { display: none;}
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OH THANKYOU! It worked!! 

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Tried this and doesn't work. But I found this. In the theme.liquid. Change the  {% section 'header' %} code to his. 

{% unless template.suffix contains "landing-page" %}
{% section 'header' %}
{% endunless %}


This also works with the footer. Just change the  {% section 'footer' %}  code with this


{% unless template.suffix contains "landing-page" %}
{% section 'footer' %}
{% endunless %}