Remove header image and title from Collections

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I want a nice simple product grid to load above the fold in my Collections pages, but my theme Wokiee (Startup skin) doesn't appear to have a simple way to do this. If you don't load an image, it defaults to the first listed product image as header at 100% page width. It also adds the Collections title over the header image.

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I have searched code workarounds to remove the header image and title from collections, but nothing has worked. This may be due to the only suggestions I've found being for the old .SCSS, when my Wokiee theme is .CSS - you can view the page at


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @0scar 

I checked your website, to do this thing have to add some JS code as well and Css also.

It will take 2-3 Hours approx.

Please let me know if need any help.

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