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can anyone help me remove the white space on the left and right side of the items in the image ?

that's a text with images column. I want the images to be the full width of the page


pass: sasa

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Hello @Daniel19901 

This is Amelia at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.


You can try the following steps I have provided to help you solve the problem you are facing:

Step 1: Online Stores > Themes > Edit code

Step 2: Choose file base.css or theme.css

Step 3: Add code

#shopify-section-template--22632345731364__1619169468047652d7 .container_1320 {
   width: 100% !important;
   padding: 0 !important;

#shopify-section-template--22632345731364__1619169468047652d7 .col-lg-4 {
   padding: 0 !important;


Hoping my solution helps you solve your problem.

Best regards,

Amelia | PageFly

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Hello @Daniel19901,

Access Online Stores, select Themes, and then Edit code. Choose either theme.liquid and paste the code before </head> tag



  overflow-x: hidden !important;

div#shopify-section-template--22632345731364__1619169468047652d7 .container_1320{
        max-width: 100% !important;
        padding: 0px !important;

div#shopify-section-template--22632345731364__1619169468047652d7 col-lg-4{
      padding: 0px !important;






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