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Remove pages from store search bar results

Remove pages from store search bar results

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how do I remove pages(see first image for example) from the search results of my search bar from my shopify store(see 2nd image)? I just want products to pop up in my search bar results and no pages or anything else at all.


Im using the dawn theme if that helps.


Screenshot 2024-01-04 000823.pngScreenshot 2024-01-04 000857.png


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You can create a metafield for pages to do that. Give it the name "hidden" and the handle "seo.hidden". Make it an integer with minimum value 0 and maximum value 1.


Go to the page you want to hide from your search result and fill the metafield with the value "1"


This will hide your page from your shops search result (Downside: It will also hide it from search engines)

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