Remove /Pages from URL my store

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Is there any way to remove /Pages from URL.Currently, my page URL is ".com/pages/about-us" i want to change to ".com/about-us".I tried URL redirect method Navigation settings and edit the code from theme.liquid to like this,

{% if template contains 'collection' and current_tags %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url }}" />
{% else %}
<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" />
{% endif %}

Still it did not work. Please help me.Thank you.

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Not sure why this discussion was moved to the "Remove Shopify Logo from my store" thread. We are also trying to get /pages removed from our url and not finding any solution that seems to work. A clear solution should be available or it makes Shopify a much less appealing solution for commerce and marketing practices. Please help us resolve — thanks!

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I am facing the same issue, is there any solution.

I like shopify so far but if the seo and other basic things are not working i need to move on.

Since we dont have access to the database an htaccess.

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Same issue with our store. Please reply mods.

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This is actually ridiculous - it has been 3 YEARS, 15 pages and 43k views on this topic with NO FIX


What the actuall hell? I have started my business with Shopify, to be on the best platform, invested a lot of money to my store, to themes, monthly paying rockets on fees and apps and there is no fix after 3 YEARS on the simplest but VERY IMPORTANT SEO optimalization? 


I hope im dreaming

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I've just read through this topic from the start and...


It's now been 4 YEARS!


What is happening at Shopify that this is still not addressed 4 years later!?

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What is happening at shoppify? Typical scenario : The owners pockets are full they dont care equally the workers dont care as it's not their company. It's a dead end someone new will have to come.


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<meta charset="UTF-8" />

This thread shows how ignorant shopify leadership has been. 


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I've been with Shopify for over 4 years now and I'm still waiting for this feature to come out. We need control over our URLs.

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Any updates on this please ?

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It is truly ridiculous that this feature has not been implemented as yet. Shame.

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@tagman83 wrote:

It is truly ridiculous that this feature has not been implemented as yet. Shame.

100% agree with you!

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05/09/2022.  It's not a good SEO practice to make pages loading slower with these redirects. These redirects are for masking your url only.
On the other hand it is beyond me why Shopify hasn't addressed this problem for so many years for their customers requests.
No wonder why SEO's are furious as those who want to migrate to shopify they have to face different urls. Someone may have been working years for building good backlinks for a /about-us page but they have to face a different url /pages/about-us with zero backlinks and all that work gone to bin. However, there is a little chance that google will consider it as a same url but it is a risk to say so.......



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Lovely, another issue I look up to find a fix for and the same freakin theme emerges. No fix and it's been years where obviously no one at Shopify is concerned enough to address it. It's like 4 in a row now. I'm beginning to see Shopify is not the problem here. Any dumbass that would continue to pay for such a service is. And don't get me wrong. I will. I'm sure I will. Pathetic. 

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I agree. Everywhere you turn there is a new "gotcha" or issue where you have to pay for Shopify Plus at $2k per month. At our company we went with Shopify because it had the most out of the box features that you don't have to develop yourselves if you have a small development team.  Regretting it now, all the time and effort into r&d should've just gone into a custom e-commerce system.  Then they rep Hydrogen but that has a ton of issues too like a double login. You make a hydrogen site and then once you get to the checkout, it pushes you to the liquid/myshopify site anyway unless, you guessed it, you pay for Shopify plus to get multi- login. So what is the benefit of any this crap?  

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5 years on and still nothing.


That's shocking.

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I can't believe that they didn't solve this problem in 5 years. This is just embarrassing from the Shopify side. I found tutorials on how to delete /collections/, but no workarounds with /pages/. This is super annoying when your page is not even in English. 

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Wow I just read through 17 pages with the hope I'd find a solution at the end... they really aren't rolling this one out?? Couldn't find anything in the changelog.

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I made this feature request back in 2012, and the response back then was similar. No timeline, and that their developers felt that advocating for this issue was splitting hairs and that it was unimportant for SEO - that I was focusing on the wrong issues for SEO. Basically a dismissiveness from developers to an SEO practitioner on what is important for SEO. 


If they haven't changed it in 10 years, I think that's your answer. It just isn't a priority for them.


But just for the sake of adding my voice here again, I'll put it into language that the scrum master over at Shopify can understand:


As an ecommerce owner in an increasingly competitive industry, I want to be able to use every little bit of SEO I can to my advantage, so that I can increase the keyword phrase density, proximity, and readability within my urls to give me the extra edge I need to compete in a hyper-competitive space.